Diamond Sofas

Diamond Sofa has been manufacturing and distributing its urban loft contemporary designs in the US and around the world since 1992.  Its vision is to bring fashion forward styles to the customer at affordable prices without sacrificing quality and comfort. 

Throughout its presentation, Diamond Sofa simply does not just sell furniture, but more so, supports and promotes a lifestyle presentation for today’s consumer. 

With the many modular collections and coordinated case pieces, the line presents fresh ideas and solutions to today’s consumer.  There is an emotional or “Zen-like” quality to the line that speaks to people’s wants and desires. 

Through meticulous detail in planning the product line, Diamond Sofa has developed a lifestyle brand of merchandise that flows throughout the home.  That is, each piece in the line is complimentary to another and adds to the overall experience of furnishing a home.  Diamond Sofa provides a flexible, functional and emotional solution to the furnishings and lifestyle that you seek.

Carbon 7 Piece Dining Set

Roxy Accent Chair by Diamond Sofa

Urban Leather Sectional by Diamond Sofa

A106B Bar Stool by Diamond Sofa

Omega Sofa Collection